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September 18, 2006


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On Being Ten

Thank you
For showing me
Your pet tarantula
In its glass case.
It was sublime.

Today in my American Literature class, we studied a collection of poems by William Carlos Williams. The professor for this course is an old hippie and it was a warm day, so we eschewed the sterile chair-desks and chipped linoleum of the classroom and sat in a semi-circle on the grass outside Old Main (all university campuses have a building called “Old Main”, I’ve come to realize).

Any poem longer than half a page is too long. But pithy aphorisms ensconced in heroic couplets are the domain of the English. Succinct and unadorned is what I like (or at least today that’s how I feel). Here was my favorite:

The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

-William Carlos Williams

We’ve covered a good deal of Robert Frost as well. What I’ve learn about Modern American poetry, in poem form:


All poems
about Spring

You can not disagree with me. My reason and opinions are unimpeachable.

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  1. jeffrey paggi Says:

    That’s pretty brilliant yourself there, Jason. Williams is one of my favorites, and Frost. (especially Birches) And all the modernists pretty much.

    Your poem is pretty objectivist, just in terms of mechanics. the two syllable / one syllable / three syllable thing….the word spring really does fucking spring out…I’m into it.

    I’m up in Binghamton. Where fore art thou a scholar to speak of it, eh? Still the paltz? WE gotta get together next time it’s possible.

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