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March 26, 2009

Away From Home

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This was from a project I did for school last year that I never finished and probably never will finish. All my notes and artwork are in storage in New Paltz. Since it’ll probably never get completed, I figured I might as well put it here. It was for a class about graphic literature. The text is lifted from Just Another Soldier. Self-plagiarism is the best.

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  1. Julianne Gerrish Says:

    Wow, this is pretty amazing. I like the juxtaposition of such gruesome, grizzly story telling with this totally banal comic strip of a guy going about his day at SUNY. It’s unsettling, but it’s like being able to see what’s in your mind’s eye…though the art work gives nothing away.

    It’s like the art is so non-threatening and ordinary…but I’m feeling so many emotions while reading along.

    I’m glad you write this stuff down. I think you should push forward with this. Storage in New Paltz is not storage in Siberia! Keep going.

  2. Luke Alexander Says:

    Somehow I can relate both your script comic to what the story is, it’s kind of simlarizing both guys work on a usual day surviving in a simple means while the other going through a grueling task of surviving life-threatening events. This is soo true.

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  4. Ethan Morency Says:

    LMAO, thats hilarious

  5. Ethan Morency Says:

    to comment number three, not to the comic strip

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