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January 20, 2007

Andrea and me at a bar in SLC, circa Christmas 2006

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Me and Andrea at a bar in SLC, circa Christmas 2006

This is a test of using Flickr.com to “blog” a photo. This photo was taken of me and my sister Andrea by my Friend Mikey-O while I was in SLC visiting the family during Christmas last month.

3 Responses to “Andrea and me at a bar in SLC, circa Christmas 2006”

  1. English Professor Says:

    I am writing my doctoral dissertation on war rhetoric and have included some of your remarks (from Newsday.com) in my prospectus. I’d like to include a footnote that indicates very briefly what you’re doing now. The last thing I found online (from Terry Gross and Fresh Air) was that you were still in the National Guard. Do you mind confirming if that’s still true?
    Thanks so much.

  2. Frank Says:

    How the hell are you Jason. What are you working on?
    A lot of us miss Just Another Soldier!

  3. Peabody Says:

    Read your book. Enjoyed it. Found this blog something ago. Sorry it’s not updated.