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January 6, 2007

Word of the Day – castigate

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tr.v. cas·ti·gat·ed, cas·ti·gat·ing, cas·ti·gates

  1. To inflict severe punishment on. See Synonyms at punish.
  2. To criticize severely.

From American Heritage Dictionary, 4th ed.

From Mr. Ford Gets the Last Laugh, New York Times Op-Ed, Jan. 6, 2007, written by Chevy Chase about his relationship to the late President Ford.

I’ve often thought how odd it was that we became linked together. It’s not like we had a lot in common. After all, Mr. Ford had never been helped for any problems with “self-medication” in a facility that has helped so many throughout these past decades. And he had never been castigated by the press for such atrocities as “Oh! Heavenly Dog” or “Cops and Robbersons,” among other slightly awful films I had made in Hollywood.

3 Responses to “Word of the Day – castigate”

  1. Frank Says:

    I am all for incresing your readers vocabulary…but how bout dishing about what goes on in that bachelor pad of yours in New Paltz or your fancy literary salon in Manhattan….



  2. Jason Says:

    Frank, you are literally, like, one of three people who read my blog. :-) I will take your admonition to heart and write more.

  3. Frank Says:

    Admonition…I will add that to my list of $5.00 words.

    How bout an update on the buddie you served with, and wrote about especially Willie.


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