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May 31, 2006

Gun Porn

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M134 Minigun

Today someone emailed me a video so awesome, that after watching it, I had to troll the internet all day about its subject– the Minigun. Truth be told, I actually troll the internet for information on Miniguns several times a year. :)

Like all good video footage of machine guns, it is of course put to the music of Carl Orff and Metallica: video (5.9 MB)

M61 Vulcan

The Minigun (7.62mm) is a frightening weapon. And its higher-caliber older sibling, the Vulcan (20mm), even more so. It is always the sound of it firing that I find so arousing. The weapon roars–the rate of fire being so great that the report of an individual round firing becomes indistiguishable from the one before and after. In some configurations the rate of fire is as high as 100 rounds per second.

GAU-8 Avenger

The following paragraph (edited from the Nazarian’s Guns Recognition Guide) about the bizarrely powerful behemoth Avenger (30mm)–the weapon the A-10 Warthog was designed around– furthered my arousal:

A typical combat load would include 30mm Armor Piercing Incendiary (API) mixed with 30mm High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) called Combat Mix Ammunition. The ratio of API to HEI rounds in the Combat Mix is 4:1. Combat mix is a sequential mixture of Depleted Uranium (DU) and HEI rounds in which 1 HEI round is followed by 4 DU rounds when fired.

5.56mm handheld Minigun, or “Microgun”

The 5.56mm man-carried version of the Minigun never made it out of the research and development phase, despite it’s pop-culture appeal. The above photo is actually a 6mm BB-firing replica made by Airsoft. (It’s hard to find good photographs of Miniguns on the internet.)

The roar of the Minigun can be heard in this footage of the Avenger being fired in a test environment: video (4.6 MB)

For tons of more info, photographs, and videos, go to the Wikipedia entry for the Minigun.

It should be noted that although the 7.62mm version is the only one called the Minigun, all of these weapons systems are commonly referred to as Miniguns.

Oh, and one final thing. All these weapons were designed by General Electric.

7 Responses to “Gun Porn”

  1. katie g Says:

    write more please. thanks. ;-)

  2. Jared Allan Says:

    I have to say,the video is fuck good.
    When the bullets are flying,it seemes that it is laser light.

  3. Jared Allan Says:

    Private,I have some questions.
    What’s the difference between Minigun and M240

    Is Minigun armed in F-16?

  4. Kade Says:

    Uh, no. Rotary gatling weapons that fire rifle rounds are called Miniguns. Rotary gatling weapons that fire 20mm-30mm rounds are called autocannons.

  5. katie o'neill Says:

    Oh my goodness. This weapon is not your Momma’s dishwasher, that’s for sure.

    I’m hearing a lot of grumbling on the activist’s side of the fence about Depleted Uranium, which you list as a feature in the description of the Avenger. They seem to think that enough exposure to it will cause cancer and basically amounts to chemical warfare. I suppose enough DU-exposure could prevent even the most ardent “gun porn” enthusiast from, ehm, “responding” to a video of a weapon firing, as you so eloquently and fervently mentioned last night.

    Your thoughts on DU?

  6. Jason Says:


    Why ya gotta be such a wet blanket? These “autocannons” (as Kade condescendingly pointed out–thanks buddy!) could be firing Chinese-made toothpaste- and dog food-filled partial-birth abortion fetus eyeballs for all I know. Videos of discussions about the environmental impact of DU have never warranted being put to the music of Metallica and therefore are of little concern to me with regard to this post. But perhaps this will calm the exposed nerve endings of your bleeding heart: a few years ago the Army replaced the lead in bullets with environment-friendlier tungsten. Go Army! (In all seriousness, I have spent little time thinking about DU, but my first impression is that DU should be limited to use against enemies who have vehicles with armor that needs to be pierced, i.e. Cold War Russia.)

  7. katie o'neill Says:

    Believe me, my bleeding heart–or any other organ for that matter–isn’t responding to the mini gun or to DU. I’m just doing my masters’ bidding:


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