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October 24, 2009


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This song makes me happy.

Glasvegas – Glasvegas – Go Square Go

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  1. Peter Shorts Says:

    This is a standing invite – on the Record for Jason Hartley to Celebrate Christmas with my family on December 25th 2009.

    Jason is the modern day Ebineezer. No you socialist douche bags – he is not a money grubbing Capitalist who oppresses the masses. Ebineezer Hartley is a man who lost his way on this Merry Holiday. It is my job to guide him back to the light.

    No, I am not going to re-convert Jason to Christianity. If he wants to be a Budhist and worship misery and bugs more power to him. (Although lets be honest – is there anything more chiche’ queer than a writer who states his spiritual preference is Budhism!)

    What I want to do is give Jason the gift of the American family. Picture this: A 100 year old house with a patch of snow in the front lawn. Smoke is coming out of the chimeny – cars are haphazardly parked in the driveway and sidewalk. The winds are lit with single candles celebrating the birth of Jesus or the arrival of Santa (take your pick). A large tree is visible through the window. It is decorated with Generations of hand me down ornaments. Below the tree is a 1948 Lionel train spinning round the tracks and weaving between unopened boxes of presents.

    The house is split into three rooms of activity –

    the Kitchen – cooking chaos as three “chefs” work out holiday dishes and sip on Champagne and red wine. The Beef Tender loin is sizzling and the spice soup is about to boil over.

    The Living room – mostly male – opened beer bottles line the coffee table as 6 men cheer or groan with ups and downs of the football game. Below their feet crawl 3 beautiful babies who cause emergencies everytime they grab the remote or spill Dad’s beer.

    The Dining room – a stressed out hostess sets the table with Silver ware and China used only once a year and passed down for the past 4 generations. The Tree fills the room with pine and the chairs start off as cool antiques and then turn into plastic card table seats. The Christmas wine is decanting and the fire is at the perfect mood.

    Bing Crosby is playing on the ipod and his voice is soon replaced by Chuck Berry pleading to Rudolf to Run. Then Pavorati sings some Christmans song in crappy Italian.

    Soon everyone is cajoled into the dinning room, slightly buzzed but very hungry. A Quick Grace is said and after everyone gives thanks we dig in. The master of the house looks out over the table and smiles. The Children play with their food and their new gifts, the adults spend the day forgetting about the economy, the war and the prospect of even worse times next year. They just enjoy the moment.

    This is my gift to you Jason. Please accept it.

    PS – if you don’t then I know that you are a pinko fag commie who hates Jesus and Santa Claus.

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