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April 27, 2006

The Dream Academy; The Anniversary; The New Pornographers

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Today’s mp3s you should listen to:
The Dream Academy – Life In A Northern Town (1985)
The Anniversary – The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (2000)
The New Pornographers – The Bleeding Heart Show (2005)

I’ve really been on a boy-girl band thing lately. For most my life I liked either male vocalists or female vocalists, but not both at the same time. If it was a male, I tried to identify with what he sang. If it was a female, I tried to imagine how beautiful she must be. But to hear both types of vocals at the same time just seemed… confusing.

For some fucking reason, I love the male-female vocal thing now. I’m sure there some really interesting psychological explanation for this, but I’m at a loss to explain it. I’m sure it’s something sexual.

In my youth, the only time I liked the boy-girl thing was with the British one-hit wonder, The Dream Academy, and their solitary successful single, “Life in a Northern Town”, an apparent elegy to Nick Drake, released on their eponymous debut album in 1985. (Dontcha love the word, eponymous? Makes ya understand the cleverness of R.E.M. naming their singles album in 1988, “Eponymous”. Apparently there were others who also thought this was clever, because six more bands have named albums this since then.)

A current classic in the world of the boy-girl band is The Anniversary. The obvious choice is “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter”, from their first album, “Designing a Nervous Breakdown”, released in 2000. This is a song that my buddy Mikey-O got me into. I’ve kept this song in pretty regular rotation with my mp3 list, but I only recently downloaded the entire album.

My newest find in this sub-genre is The New Pornographers. Made up of a bunch of indie super-stars from Vancouver, their third and most recent album released last year, “Twin Cinema”, some say is their weakest, but the song “The Bleeding Heart Show” is without a doubt one of the best from their catalog.

I have no idea why all the bands I like today have the article “The” at the beginner of their band name.

The Dream AcademyThe New Pornographers
The AnniversaryNick Drake

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